Updated on November 8, 2022

When luxury goods become an investment

By High Level Communication
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For many people, buying a luxury item is part of their everyday life, or is, on the contrary, a whim, a passing fancy. But what if buying luxury items could be an investment and bring you back much more than you pay for?

The "Birkin" bag by Hermès
Dating back to the 1980s, it is handmade and most often made of leather. For many, it is only a bag. But for others, it is a true collector's item that must be preserved. In seven years, the price for a second-hand Birkin has doubled. How is this possible? Simply because the bag is extremely hard to get new. Since 2012, there have been three workshops that have permission to make these bags. However, you will often have to wait several years to get the one you want.

The Chanel Boy bag by Chanel
Released in 2010, the Chanel Boy has quickly become an it bag for women around the world. A must-have of the house, it is recognizable by its metal clasp and its thick chain and is now available in all colors and shapes. But if you should prefer a model, go for a basic one: leather and black.

Longchamp bags
No, we're not talking about the folding canvas bag that accompanied a whole generation, but about the leather bags. Available in several colours, the models from Longchamp are timeless. You won't regret investing in a bag that you won't be able to resell for a fortune, but that will accompany you for years.

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