Updated May 24, 2023

Did you know? Golf special

By High Level Communication
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Golf is a sport of numbers, titles and often unique anecdotes. Do you know these stories?

Black and white
In 1960, the famous South African golfer Gary Player wore one white and one black sock to the British Open at St Andrews. It was his way of protesting against apartheid.

Tarzan's cry
Johnny Weismüller, who played Tarzan twelve times, took his inspiration for his famous cry from an Austrian yodel. This cry, which saved Tarzan in the movies, also saved Johnny when he was playing golf during the Castro revolution. Taken hostage by the rebels, he found a way out by shouting Tarzan's cry. Recognized by connoisseurs of American cinema, he was not only freed but escorted by soldiers who were very proud to have met him.

Black balls
The passion for golf of American presidents is a regular topic in your Play Golf magazine. Probably the most fanatical of them all was Woodrow Wilson, president from 1913 to 1921, because he played even in winter. And when it snowed, he used black balls.

The first time
Tiger Woods was 19 when he first played links. It was Carnoustie, just 25 years ago. The following week, he was introduced to the Old Course at St Andrews.

A piece of string
Before 1900, there was no such thing as a golf bag. Caddies held clubs together with a string.

Par 3s first
The great English architect Harry Shapland Col would start designing a course with the par 3s, then complete his project with the other holes.

Snead on the LPGA Tour
The legendary Sam Snead is the only men's golfer to hold a title on the LPGA Tour. In 1962, the American won the Royal Poinciana Plaza Invitational, a tournament played in Palm Beach (Florida) on a par 3 course.

Zaharias on the PGA Tour
The famous Babe Zaharias, probably the greatest female golfer of all time, is the only woman to have made the cut in a PGA Tour event. It was in 1945 at the Los Angeles Open.

With one hand
Alan Shepard, one of the astronauts on the Apollo 14 mission, is still the only human to have hit a golf ball on the Moon. He did so with a 6-iron and one hand, as his space suit prevented him from taking a traditional swing.

Oops, too close!
Greg Norman is an experienced helicopter pilot. During a flight in Naples, Florida, he spotted a huge alligator from his personal helicopter, and decided to take a closer look. Too close! The 4.50-metre, 500kg animal felt threatened and leapt out, grabbing one of the helicopter's skids in its mouth. Unbalanced, the helicopter swayed and the alligator let go.

The famous American actor Samuel L. Jackson is so addicted to golf that he imposes a special clause in each of his contracts. This stipulates that the 71-year-old actor can leave filming twice a week to play golf.