Updated on 1 March 2022

Electric microcars, the urban mobility of tomorrow!

By High Level Communication
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Stylish, practical and urban, microcars are finding their place in our urban landscape. A solution that offers easier and more ecological mobility!

Twizy (Renault), The Pioneer
This 2.34 metre long and 1.24 metre wide quadricycle remains unique in its genre. A pioneer in this field, the brand is now offering the Twizy! Depending on the power of its engine, it can be driven with or without a licence. It has a range of 100 kilometres thanks to an integrated cable compatible with domestic plugs.

Amione (Citroën), the friend of the young!
The Ami One Concept offers a 100% electric driving mode that is both environmentally friendly and less expensive to run. It drives at up to 45 km/h without emitting CO2emissions, making it perfect for use in the city. It has a battery that can be recharged in 2 hours, giving it a range of 100 kilometres. Accessible from the age of 16, the Ami One offers freedom of use, whether you have a driving licence or not. The mobile phone starts it up, the dashboard has disappeared and you can fit a piece of luggage in front of the passenger.

I-Ride (Toyota), the toy on wheels
Measuring 2.50m long, 1.30m wide and 1.50m high, the I-Ride is above all urban. Designed differently, it is not driven not with a steering wheel, but with a joystick! The driver's seat in the centre of the car and the "butterfly" doors allow the user to get in and out of the vehicle easily. Indeed, the brand has designed this car to be accessible to people in wheelchairs. Its little "plus" is that it is capable of displaying messages to road users on its front! Designed differently, the I-ride is not driven with a steering wheel, but with a joystick and the driver's seat is in the centre of the car!

EU-Live (PSA), the prototype
The EU-Live is a plug-in hybrid quadricycle, fitting into the L5e light vehicle category. Still at concept stage, its sketches are reminiscent of a four-wheeled motorbike with a closed cabin, airbag, seatbelts and a boot. It will be able to park easily between two cars thanks to its sliding doors and will be able to travel up to 130 km/h with a range of 300 kilometres.

Microlino (BMW), the return...
Super fun and retro, the Microlino is the electric replica of the Isetta produced by BMW in the 1950s. Its design is almost identical to that of its predecessor, except that it has been updated and made more modern. It has a range of 125 to 200 km with a speed of 90 km/h. We should see it arrive in Belgium soon...