Updated on May 7, 2021

The taste of new!

By Shana Devleschoudere
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With another summer on the horizon, the Gentlemen & Ladies editorial team is looking forward to resetting the clock. After a long and difficult year of confinement, where travel, escapades, restaurants, culture and entertainment were put aside, let's now turn to the future!
Thus, starting today, we will publish a special Gentlemen & Ladies Newsletter every month. It will deal with lifestyle, design, wellness, food, fashion, luxury, cars, business, and much more... Obviously, all this in the image of the magazine that inspired it. At the same time, our latest issue will be released in bookstores in the next few days, hopefully accompanied by the warming sun that we were already missing.
In this spring issue, we make it a point of honor to give back a taste for Life and its merits. Yes, the terraces are open again, yes the birds are singing, yes the sun is shining. In short: yes, Life is finally trying to get back to normal!
To give you a taste of elsewhere, head for the deserts ofSaudi Arabia or the Fjords of Greenland aboard electric 4×4s, on incredible off-road routes. Or on the sea, where you can sail on a luxury yacht with innovative stylistic and functional features. And finally, in Italy, from the shores of Lake Como to the Verdura Resort in Sicily and the Gulf of Naples, you will succumb to the magic of these places rich in history and beauty.
At the beginning of the magazine, you will also discover our "Tailormade Exclusives" selection , where we present you with the must-have products of the moment, as well as a sample of the latest fashion trends to be appropriated as soon as possible to celebrate the reopening of the world.
As usual, Gentlemen & Ladies finally offers you another look at prominent personalities, such as these beautiful young women of the gotha, who have become muses for prestigious brands.
To finish, we will stroll on the quays and in the ports, in the company of the Belgian artist Didier Engels who knew how to immortalize in his colored works their so particular atmospheres...
Let's rejoice: pleasures are (re)born today and it's more than ever time to enjoy them!

Gentlemen & Ladies Newsletter n°1 of Wednesday 19 May 2021, Written by Shana Devleschoudere, ConsommActrice.