Updated November 7, 2022

It's a TONG story!

By Shana Devleschoudere
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A little history...

The first pair of Havaianas appeared in 1962. It was inspired by the Zori, a typical Japanese sandal made of fabric straps and rice soles. That's why the soles of all Havaianas have a rice-like texture that rests on the bottom of the foot.

Then their first slogan appeared: "Havaianas, the real thing". Indeed, companies from all over the world quickly understood the merits of the flip-flop and tried to copy them. As stated in the slogan, Havaianas is the only one to offer us: the real thing.

Around 1990, Havaianas shoes were spotted on the feet of famous Brazilians, and a new communication approach was born: "Havaianas, everyone wears them". It is on this basis of affordable and universal product that the brand will build a name, which since its creation, has never been forgotten. The company's optimistic and colorful image travelled around the world, piercing magazines and television to convey the good mood and joie de vivre that you feel when you wear a pair of flip-flops.

After that, Havaianas never stops creating. New colors, new models, new patterns, an infinite range of possibilities to dress our feet. Around 1997, a special "Baby" collection was released. Havaianas tries to participate in our children's first steps, with flip-flops that are as safe as they are attractive.

In 1998, the brand became associated with the World Cup and put a small Brazilian flag on its strap. A genius idea at the time, which over time became a real emblem for this great name.

Today, the brand is known and recognized all over the world and each of us owns at least one pair of Havaianas. It's true that in the midst of their infinite collection, as colourful as it is fun, it's easy to put on their emblematic flip-flops, whose colours and models vary according to our mood.

Let's discover some emblematic collections... 

TONG Brasil





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