Updated on November 7, 2022

Passion for expertise

By Shana Devleschoudere
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Before being one of the most recognized real estate agencies on the coast, Immo Cambier de Nil is above all a family business.

Cambier de Nil

Roland de Nil is the initiator of the agency. He is probably the one who gave the whole family a sense of the brick and above all the one who, with his clients who wanted to acquire real estate in Knokke-Heist, had the idea to open a real estate agency at the coast, in Duinbergen.

Immo De Nil was founded in the early 60's, and was later joined by the offices at Place Albert and Zeedijk.


Today, a third office has been opened on the prestigious Kustlaan and, at the head of these agencies, a majority of Cambier-de Nil: Stephanie and her partner, but also her brother-in-law, her mother and her uncle! Their goal: to offer their clients an ultra-targeted accompaniment with only one credo: location.

Cambier de Nil

No need to expand, the family is from Knokke and is therefore... specialized on Knokke-Heist and its direct surroundings! They offer exclusive real estate, for second homes or main residences, ranging from the sublime contemporary loft to the traditional villa with authentic charm and the apartment with a breathtaking view on the sea. Unique opportunities in the best areas of the town.

Because we know that living in Knokke is living... in paradise!

At least that's what those who live there claim, and Stéphanie Cambier is one of them. Clean, fresh air, an unbeatable quality of life and, above all, a feeling of being on vacation all the time. So, like many other buyers, let yourself be surprised by the unique opportunities that the 3 Cambier De Nil agencies have to offer and don't miss to visit their beautiful website and their social networks, updated daily.

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