Updated August 28, 2023

NuanSé, the best candles in Belgium

By Shana Devleschoudere
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These made-in-Belgium candles add a poetic touch to our everyday lives. Their flame evanescently draws the outline of a memory.

After a career in human resources, Séverine radically changed career direction to devote herself to creating handmade candles.

In her studio-boutique nestled in the province of Liège, the young artist experiments and casts soy and beeswax, adds the wick, doses the intensity of the fragrance for an ideal olfactory rendering and imagines airy, elegant collections.

Special editions are born out of love at first sight, and meetings with master perfumers and master glassmakers. A candle under a blown-glass cloche, another concealing a love note... these creations all share an indescribable beauty.


"NuanSé is about sharing a passion for creating handmade candles and taking us into another world of scents.  


Place Carinal Mercier 10, 1300 Wavre.
Rue des Grands-Prés 6, 4032 Liège.
04 262 45 15
Store open Wednesday to Saturday.
Re-fill/second life" service for candles.