Published on March 23, 2023

Hydrofoil surfing and Wingsurfing, two good reasons to get away!

By Shana Devleschoudere
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The foil, or hydrofoil, is revolutionising water sports around the world. Thanks to the streamlined wings, surfers literally float above the water. Sailing or kiting on windy days, but also on flat water, with the help of a motorboat, E-foil or cable car.

The hydrofoil is not a new invention. In Hawaii, the best surfers in the world were already flying over the water in the early 2000s. But for a few years now, this sport has known a new wind thanks, among other things, to the wings that have become much more accessible thanks to an optimized design. This summer, be in the wind and come to Surfers Paradise to learn how to "foil" and live a safe and unique experience! The surf school has invested in the latest equipment to offer hydrofoiling in all its forms. Lessons are tailored to the student's background and a personalized learning curve is provided. No previous experience is required.

The first lesson is simple and uses a motor boat or electric E-Foil. Also at Lakeside Paradise, on Lake Duinenwater, the small cable car is used to perform the first flight on a hydrofoil in a proper and safe manner. All under the direction of local surfer Tom Soupart. Since the advent of the hydrofoil, he has immersed himself in all disciplines, with wave riding being his favorite. "It's an extremely fun experience," says Tom. "That first flight, where you're hovering quietly and above the water, you never forget it. You surf faster, more efficiently, and you can still get out on the water even with less wind and smaller waves. Because of this, you surf much, much more! Plus, you're at the forefront of a new sport. You spontaneously make new friends who share the same enthusiasm. Suddenly, surfing conditions are less important. You focus more on your own technique and how you can improve, and that's great. No more excuses that the moderate wind or waves weren't good enough!"


Wingsurfing on the rise

With the hydrofoil, a new wind sport is also booming. In addition to windsurfing and kitesurfing, you can now practice Wingsurfing. Wing" refers to the surf sail that is held above the head. As soon as it is put into the wind, the board goes up on the foil and you fly over the water. It is comparable to windsurfing, but it gives a much freer feeling, because you surf without a mast or harness. The hydrofoil gives you more speed and freedom on the water. You sail much closer to the wind, and the combination of waves and jumps is unique

All hydrofoil lessons (for all levels and ages) are now available at Surfers Paradise. Sign up to the Foil Academy to take lessons appropriate to your level with the best wind and surf conditions.

Reservations: or 050/615960 (open daily)