Updated November 8, 2022

5 institute treatments for a successful recovery

By Shana Devleschoudere
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Senteurs d'Ailleurs

Senteurs d'Ailleurs


1. Extend your summer tan

Back from the sun, it only takes a week in the flat country to already have the impression of looking grey... and why not leave your body in good hands to revive your tan? Clarins offers a truly sun-kissed, all-in-one treatment that gives face and body a natural, perfectly even tan, as luminous as when you return from vacation. Skin is sublimated, soft and moisturized. It all begins with a fine-grain exfoliating scrub that removes dead skin cells, allowing the treatment to penetrate easily and effectively. You can choose between a gel self-tanner (fresh) or a milk self-tanner (highly moisturizing), which is applied with pleasant, sweeping movements. Before you leave, a detour to the superb boutique and the expert advice of the beauticians is a must. Why not succumb to one of their self-tanners to prolong the result at home?

The plus: an even, natural-looking tan


More info
Summer tan treatment, 60 min, €110
Clarins institute and boutique in Uccle - Tel. 02 466 08 10

2. Discover the latest facial care trends

Ko bi do facials are currently a major trend in beauty salons. However, Cinq Mondes was one of the first to take an interest and offer it some fifteen years ago. " It's a preventive treatment and the ultimate all-round anti-aging treatment. The techniques of Cinq Mondes Dermapuncture, an exclusive manualacupuncture technique without needles, combined with massage techniques derived from traditional world medicines, unblock all the muscular zones of the face. Thanks to the blood flow generated by specific percussions, it ensures blood circulation, plumps up the skin, considerably reduces wrinkles and delays their appearance," confides Nathalie Bouchon-Poiroux, co-founder of Cinq Mondes. There's nothing like it after a summer of sun-damaged skin.

The plus: complete and 100% relaxing

Cinq Mondes

Infos :
Soin Massage du Visage Ko Bi Do, 1h20, €150
Spa Cinq Mondes at Dolce La Hulpe - Tel. 02 290 99 01 - www.dolcelahulpe.com/fr/spa

3. Radiant skin on return from vacation or at the change of season

During the summer, excesses are more prevalent, and even if wemoisturize the skin with after-sun products, the skin needs tobe reoxidized. Many of us think that a peel or skincare treatment will fade the tan, but on the contrary, it will make it last over time. The skin's surface layer is exfoliated to make way for healthy cells that give the skin a more radiant glow, making the tan last longer. Dermalogica's "fundamental care" decongests the skin, while massage(touch therapy) reoxygenates tissues, enhances radiance and moisturizes. Prior to the treatment, thebeautician performs a meticulous skin analysis. Face Mapping " identifies skin imbalances, essential needs and any deficiencies. Based on this analysis, each 'Soin Fondamental' can be fully personalized and adapted to the skin's specific needs. Carried out with highly concentrated professional products, it combines exfoliation, extractions, high hydration and, finally, a beneficial aroma-therapeutic massage. A perfect balance between the quest for visible results and the pleasure of a moment of relaxation.

The plus: ultra-complete with results to match
Minus: less pleasant when removing blackheads...

Senteurs d'Ailleurs

Infos :
Soin fondamental Dermalogica, 75min, 125€, accompanied by a touch therappy, 15min, 25€ to finalize the treatment by focusing on the most sensitive areas and achieve optimum results.
Senteurs d'Ailleurs in Ixelles - Tel. 02 511 69 69

4. Look after your figure

After all, looking after your figure isn't just for the summer or after the festive season. Resuming good resolutions after a summer of drinking and partying can't hurt... This firming treatment works effectively on the whole body. Using a palpate-and-roll technique inspired by Japanese treatments, the silhouette is resculpted. Combined with Caudalie's Vinosculpt Lift and Firming Balm, this manual sculpting treatment tones and drains the whole body, even the most stubborn areas such as the arms, bust, stomach and buttocks.

Plus: you already feel lighter after the treatment.
Minus: for real results, at least 3 sessions are required.


Infos :
Vinosculpt resculpting treatment, 50 min, €89
Caudalie Boutique and Spa in Brussels - Tel. 02 897 18 73

5. Daring nail art

Beautiful down to the tips of your nails? The new trend is the return of nail art. A varnished nail featuring motifs or small drawings. In short, an artistic nail! While it's not always easy to find an expert in Belgium, Maïté de Cocoon has been practicing this technique for two years at La Maison by JV in Brussels. From simple stickers to an elaborate manicure with concrete or abstract designs, she handles all the most demanding requests, but is also happy to create any more classic manicure.

Plus: original, fun, surprising and trendy.
Minus: it's easy to get bored.

The Cocoon

Info :
40€ for a manicure with semi-permanent nail polish. Add €1 to €15 for nail art.
Instagram @cocoon.the - Tel. 0486885428