Updated on November 8, 2022

5 restaurants to discover in 2023 in Brussels!

By Shana Devleschoudere
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Bagheera, the new address that wants to make the south of Brussels move! Bagheera

Bagheera, the new address that wants to make the south of Brussels move! Bagheera


They opened just a few weeks or days before Covid or have just opened their doors. Gourmet addresses continue to flourish in the capital to the delight of epicureans...

The Variety, Belgian revival

Barely open, it was already closing its doors... What would make it forget itself? But no, this institution, now under the leadership of Serge Litvine, is a great success. In a vintage and art deco setting, Le Variétés, a former stamcafé, a mythical address on Place Flagey, has amply seduced us.

On the menu, the great classics of Belgian cuisine, such as croquettes with grey shrimp, cod in mousseline sauce, vol-au-vent in the Variety style or the traditional dame blanche, are served alongside the specialities of the house. A particular favourite is the spit-roasted chicken (with its mouth-watering sauces), which has a central place in the restaurant.

Place Sainte-Croix 4 Flagey, 1050 Ixelles - levarietes.be

Dante, Italian-style brasserie

This is Luca's little brother who has arrived among the many Italian restaurants in the capital. But like Luca's establishment, Dante aims to be authentic, with carefully selected products from the boot. On the menu of this Italian-style brasserie, dishes typically from there, concocted by the chef Stefano Sibilla: pasta al ragù, vongole, antipasti, vitello tonnato or even grilled fish.

It smells like sunshine! The good thing? The pasta and pizza dough are entirely homemade! In terms of decoration too, a convivial trip is guaranteed. The Apulian tableware is inspired by grandmother's terracotta and ceramic plates, hand-coloured, with an olive branch. An address that is likely to become your new favourite Italian place...

Rue Vanderkindere 354, 1180 Uccle - www.facebook.com/dantebruxelles

Bagheera, in show on mode

The kind of restaurant that was missing in the capital. Chic and fun. In an urban jungle setting, tasty food and a festive atmosphere come together. On the plate, beautiful and refined products such as lobster, caviar, king crab, Angus meat, morels... In the dining room, the experience is lively thanks to live dressing, cutting and flambéing.

In the centre of the restaurant, the shakers sound in turn behind the large square marble bar. Around 11pm, the atmosphere is set, the music starts and a DJ animates the evening on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to get the crowd going!

Chaussée de Waterloo 782, 1180 Uccle - bagheerarestaurant.com

Villa Lorraine: the starry one resurrected

After a year of work, the Litvine family (again!) and chef Yves Mattagne are taking the house out of its straitjacket and reinventing it. The Villa Lorraine is making a comeback with a magnificent decor and chef Yves Mattagne, two Michelin stars (at the Sea Grill), in the kitchen. The decor has been dusted off, the spaces are airy, the lounges are beautifully planted with trees and a zenitude of powdered pink and gold emanates...

A very successful mix of materials (marble, brass, felt, ceramic, travertine...). On the plate, La Villa offers a single kitchen, but two different concepts depending on whether you opt for the loungebar or the main room. At the bar, you share and order as you go, the atmosphere is more relaxed, the light is softer and the sound more appropriate. In the restaurant, you can choose one of the menu options (either the chef's signature dishes or dishes inspired by his travels) or à la carte.

Avenue du Vivier d'Oie 75, 1000 Brussels - villalorraine.be

Savage, the plant first

There is a serious lack of them in the capital. A restaurant that puts plants in the spotlight. The result is amazing. Chef Joel Rammelsberg concocts a €36 menu consisting of four 100% plant-based dishes. A complete experience based on local and seasonal plants, vegetables and flowers.

If desired, even if the menu is self-contained, meat or fish can be added. Trout? Mackerel? Holstein? The icing on the cake is the pretty decor and the pleasant terrace! A new restaurant that is right up to date...

22 rue de la Paix, 1050 Brussels - savage.restaurant