Updated on 28 December 2021

A new breath for a new year!

By Shana Devleschoudere
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In this sixth edition of the Gentlemen & Ladies Newsletter, discover our special end-of-year 2021 favourites, full of good resolutions for 2022.
For a naturally radiant skin, discover the cosmetics made from the vine by Maison Eole. Wear gold and wood eyeglasses in a refined design style... Fall for the new Lalique fragrance and its sunny scents. And, finally... discover the beauty of the AMA la Girafe project, for our little wolves and those of the whole world...


The end of the year was marked by the launch of the first Belgian brand of vine-based cosmetics, Maison Eole.Anne-Sophie Charle developed a range of cosmetics from the Chant d'Eole family vineyard, with 16 products available in perfumes and candles. " Natural certified, Vegan and 100% Belgian, Maison Eole is positioned as an innovative, eco-friendly and exclusive collection.
Its unique composition of active ingredients from the vine shoots, Wine extracts3, ensures the highest antioxidant activity rarely found in cosmetics. But Maison Eole is also the story of a woman who decided to change her life to pursue her passion: to launch a collection of cosmetics that meets three conditions: to build a range based on Belgian skills and make it a "Made in Belgium" brand, to develop a research process to detect nuggets not yet exploited in cosmetics, and to commit the brand to a philosophy of ecological responsibility.
Also convinced that only a powerful artistic approach would allow it to stand out, it joined forces with the designer Charles Kaisin, who took over the artistic direction of the House. The result is stunning: the packaging is a wooden case, which is loved and cherished and which is then reserved for the use of one's choice. Doing yourself good has now become a 100% Belgian pleasure!
Info and e-shop via Maison Eole


Gold & Wood, the prestigious eyewear brand designed by Belgian Maurice Léonard, is launching a new collection of frames created with the Belgian design office Hoet Design .
In the heart of the Gold & Wood workshop, the Master Craftsmen are busy and execute sure and precise gestures. Made exclusively by hand, Gold & Wood eyewear perpetuates a know-how that has been passed down for decades. From the sketch to the frame,several dozen technical steps are necessary to bring the Eyepieces to life. "Gold & Wood's primary mission is to bring pleasure and make people dream about Haute Lunetterie Artisanale et Joaillière ," says Maurice Léonard, the founder. In 1995, he created the brand and set up its artisanal manufacture in Hosingen, Luxembourg.
The secrets of the brand's success? "Designed in the rarest noble materials, our craftsmen model objects of desire, always imbued with a singular know-how. Our values are based on emotion and not on need. Love of the product, respect for creation,authenticity, a sense of detail and quality have always guided our choices. We cultivate our excellence by focusing on creativity and innovation, which are the keys to differentiating ourselves from our competitors. The customer is at the heart of our development strategy. We want to offer them a unique sensory experience.
Our distinction : to transform the emotional purchase into a unique sensory experience. Our luxury: to transmit emotions, to provide pleasure and dreams.
Our credo: to reinterpret with sensuality the codes of elegance and timelessness. We favour handcrafted products combined with innovative design and attention to detail.
Maurice Léonard speaks with emotion about the brand he created and around which two of his children are united. Gold & Wood's mark of distinction is undoubtedly its raw material, wood. And the meticulous selection of species, according to their nobility, their rarity and the emotion they inspire. This is why the brand finds its faithful customers in the great capitals of luxury, Miami, New York, Tokyo, Milan, etc. And of course in Belgium, where Maurice Léonard is from.
Info & e-shop via Gold & Wood


SOLEIL is an addictive fragrance with which Lalique pays homage to the sun and the free women who love it. Conceived like the glow of morning light in a bedroom, this radiant halo of serene and intimate notes invites us to wake up to the world with a smile. Its curved bottle is reminiscent of the shape of the sun's rays. Dressed in Living Coral, the Pantone Institute's colour of the year 2019 , the case offers a vibrant contrast between the orange-pink hue of a tropical coral reef and the glow of golden rays that radiate from the "O" in SOLEIL Lalique.
A touch of playful refinement, a jewel wraps around the neck of the bottle. Inspired by an Art Deco earring by Lalique, the tassel chain is adorned with a solar pearl sculpted with graphic accents, taken from the 1927/1928 Collection, which revives a motif created by René Lalique.
A golden medallion bearing the name of the fragrance adorns the other end of the chain. Unwind this jewel and it becomes a bracelet (only on the 100 ml Eau de Parfum bottle). As for the fragrance, it inspires the dazzling light of fruits and spices... Like the zesty start of a radiant morning, the addictive sweetness of a gourmand heart, the golden warmth of a sunbeam or the silky caress of musks and flowers. SOLEIL is the fragrance of a frank, free and radiant woman.
Info & e-shop via Lalique


This is an initiative like we like! Meet AMA, the soft and affectionate giraffe. At first glance, it seems that we are dealing with a cuddly toy like any other... And yet. Behind this adorable, soft and cuddly toy lies a real story ofhope and sharing. AMA is the symbol of a new world for your little ones, a world where they can meet new friends.

The concept is simple: the initiative is presented asAMA, but its universe extends far beyond that: an entire platform dedicated to the meeting of children from different cultures. Between the ages of 5 and 11, your little ones can sign up and find a buddy to meet. From one country to another, they will be able to share their children's adventures via photos or videos that they will share privately or publicly on theAMA platform. As real little journalists, they too will have the right to share their ideas in a healthy social environment adapted to their age . Moreover, they will be put in contact with children from other backgrounds, religions or skin colours, so as to transform their differences into strengths and instil in them, from childhood, strongvalues of peace and friendship.

TheAMA the giraffe set is available for €59 and includes the plush toy, access to the platform, a personalised AMA bag and an explanatory comic. The aim of this initiative is to enable your children to form strong bonds around the world that are as emotionally and culturally enrichingas possible.

AMA is also involved with a number of organisations, includingchildren's aid and schools in the south. For example, AMA kits will be given to those who cannot afford them, to enable them to join the community and become part of a group.

It is, without a doubt, a project for the future, for love and friendship, for sharing, solidarity, fraternity and mutual aid. Will you be touched byAMA's eyes, full of promises and good resolutions?

Info and e-shop via AMA la Girafe