Updated on May 30, 2022

The black truffle, refinement in its pure state

By Shana Devleschoudere
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For more than thirty years, the traditional and innovative cuisine of the starred restaurant La Truffe Noire has been sublimating black and white truffles with the most intense research. Each of the original creations is the expression of this passion, shared with the most demanding gastronomes. Lunch or dinner in Luigi Ciciriello's den is the assurance of tasting a classic cuisine finely executed. The Truffle Noire exudes class with an air of nostalgia, in a setting of works of art and crimson hues. As soon as you sit down, you can admire the delicacies that the charismatic owner will present to you at the table. He also prepares the beef carpaccio (a classic) himself in the dining room. A scene that he re-enacts daily with the same respect for traditional preparations. The experienced chefs put all their know-how to work to sublimate the luxury products in the manner of yesteryear, without unnecessary modern tricks, in the purest respect of traditions. The sauces are powerful and the flavors are rich, all, of course, accompanied by the aroma of the truffle. La Truffe Noire is a gourmet house dedicated to the elegance, refinement and powerful magic of this extraordinary ingredient.