Updated on May 30, 2022

Brioni, masculine elegance

By Shana Devleschoudere
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Brioni's style has always transformed the men who wear its creations. The elegance and modernity that have made the house internationally famous have attracted a prestigious clientele of Hollywood stars and heads of state. Today, Brioni presents the ideal complement to its wardrobe. The invisible, irreplaceable finishing touch to an impeccable outfit. A fragrance crafted in such a way that each ingredient, perfectly balanced, inspires the same sense of well-being, confidence and deep emotional connection as a suit. Michel Almairac, Master Perfumer, is not only renowned for his best-selling compositions, but also for his signature style. He has put this virtuosity to work in Brioni Eau de Parfum. A short formula with an impeccable cut, cut with rigor and precision in ex- ceptional, natural and synthetic materials. Carried by the modernity of a whiff of ozone and a pink pepper with the freshness of gin, a crisp green apple opens the fragrance on a luminous note. Because the Brioni man is discreetly charming, it is a flower that blossoms at the heart of his fragrance. A soft, green, powdery violet, contrasting with the warm, silky, musky skin scent of Ambroxan and structured by the clean scent of cedar. But as it should be worn like a second skin, it is lined with soft tonka bean with almond accents and a cashmere-like musk. As irresistibly soft, light and comfortable as a tailored Brioni suit, Brioni Eau de Parfum doesn't wear you. It is part of you. As unforgettable as your presence. As compelling as your legend.