Updated on May 30, 2022

ClayLime, dressing surfaces with elegance

By Shana Devleschoudere
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From the floor to the countertop, including interior and exterior walls, stairs, furniture or the bathroom with Italian shower, ClayLime's 100% Belgian and natural products combine chic, modernity and durability! Textures, colors, effects... the choice is multiple. Claystone, based on clay and silica, gives a mineral "concrete", "natural stone" or "raw" appearance, depending on the application method. Very resistant, it does not crack. Creatina, based on lime and rocks, gives a matte or polished "Stucco" look, with or without glossy games. Unless you prefer fewer effects by opting for MonoSoft, a two-component coating based on lime and silicon. The latest addition: Wonderstone is a revolutionary ready-to-use natural coating for floors, walls and furniture. With ClayLime, a brush and a spatula are all it takes. A trendy way to renovate your home.