Updated on May 30, 2022

Les Jardins du Bois de Hal, cocoon your exterior!

By Shana Devleschoudere
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YD, the decorators of the ephemeral, leader in the plant decoration for events (for 40 years), diversify, while remaining in their core business, by creating the nursery Les Jardins du Bois de Hal. Their desire is to offer their customers a multitude of original plants of impeccable quality and to accompany them on a daily basis with the advice of true professionals. The numerous tropical plants, of various origins, such as yuccas, ferns, orchids, ficus... will magnify your gardens. Unless you prefer small plants or pine bark, cocoa pods ... not to mention fertilizers, garden tools, vegetable seeds and accessories, pottery and even decorative objects. From the smallest plant to 4 meter high palm trees, their choice of plants is dictated by their ambition to satisfy their customers. Their profession is the fruit of a passion, the plant, our nursery. Les Jardins du Bois de Hall is the concretization of this passion.