Updated on 30 May 2022


By Shana Devleschoudere
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Among insiders, Christine Mostert is not just anyone. Everyone knows her name and the influence she can have with potential investors in the art world.

Among insiders, Christine Mostert is not just anyone. Everyone knows her name and the influence she can have with potential investors in the art world.

This weekend, we continue our series on various investment options, with a topical focus: art... and its market!
If there is one market that is booming, it is this one. Art has never generated so many transactions: whether it is plastic art, painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving or photography, ... (we won't give you the whole list!), there is always an amateur ready to invest.
First of all, it should be pointed out that this is a very special market. If, in most cases, an investment is intended to bring a capital gain to its author, we are in a different logic here. Most of the time, people fall in love with a work, they fall in love with it. And the investment is not necessarily intended to bring in money but to do oneself good, to please oneself. Some people have a broader vision and also see their investment as a support for art and artists. The latter are particularly useful and indispensable in today's society, as the Covid crisis has reminded us violently.
As you can see, this is a separate market, governed by its own codes. This is why we thought it appropriate to talk about it with a specialist: Christine Mostert. She is an Art Advisor at Puilateco, the well-known private bank. You don't need to be perfectly bilingual to understand her function and the position she occupies. "An integrated department, dedicated entirely to this type of advice," she explains. And to listen to her, it is necessary: "As the art market has evolved and tax rules have changed, it was appropriate to offer this service within the framework of asset management, within a private bank".
Christine Mostert, who joined Puilateco in 2010, is no stranger to the Belgian art market microcosm. Among insiders, everyone knows her name and the influence she can have with potential investors. It has to be said that she is particularly well versed in the subject. After studying art history, she worked at Christie's.
"I worked there for almost 20 years. These years were very formative. They allowed me to understand the art market from the inside, both nationally and internationally, to know its different facets and to understand its evolution. The work and the exchanges with my colleagues in London, Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam or New York, all specialised in the different fields of art, taught me a lot about the works, the objects, their history and their collectors. It was a perfect complement to my studies. We told you: a specialist!
With such a wealth of knowledge in his field, you want to ask lots of questions. Like, for example, the sectors most sought after by investors. As we have seen, art is plural, but some forms are more popular than others: "Contemporary art remains a major trend, which is evolving more rapidly, with a large number of works arriving regularly on the market. Alongside this, there is a growing interest in collector's watches and vintage cars, which are by nature more masculine segments and where many events are organised, particularly in Belgium. The big auction houses also offer auctions in newer segments such as comics, but in this case the supply will tend to follow the market.
Today, Christine thrives on advising and guiding Puilaetco's clients according to their desires: "This artistic asset management advisory service is internal to the bank and dedicated to our clients, with complete impartiality and transparency. It allows them, among other things, to have a holistic view of their assets, alongside their financial or real estate assets for example. And to be able to consider the decisions to be taken in this particular area. An all-in-one service which, in view of the health of the art market, still has a bright future ahead of it.
If you want to know more about Christine Mostert and the services she renders in the field of art, go to the page-turner of LOBBY 55 magazine... In the meantime, this weekend, have sweet dreams about Warhol's Marilyn, which recently sold for 195,000,000 dollars...