Updated July 2, 2022

LOBBY Newsletter #68: When it comes to cryptocurrencies...

By Shana Devleschoudere
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The "bit4you" platform is run by three IT experts: from left to right, Marc Toledo, Sacha Vandamme and José Zurstrassen.

The "bit4you" platform is run by three IT experts: from left to right, Marc Toledo, Sacha Vandamme and José Zurstrassen.

This week, as part of our series on different ways to invest your money, we focus on "bit4you", a Belgian platform active in the exchange of crypto-assets (often referred to as cryptocurrencies).
On June 14, bit4you launched a fundraising campaign via Beebonds, a crowdlending platform. Unless you're an insider, there's bound to be something you didn't understand in that sentence. And yet, this is an important event. Don't panic: we're going to explain it all to you, in a way that's easy to understand.
First things first: what is bit4you? Its co-founders define it as "the first crypto-asset exchange platform operating at European level from Belgium". And they're proud of this Belgian base. But since we've promised to be educational, let's recall here what crypto-assets are. They are virtual digital assets. In order to carry out and validate virtual asset transactions between two or more people, crypto-assets use blockchain technology. In short, the entire transaction history is recorded and stored in a decentralized (no central authority) registry (database), using an encrypted computer protocol. These assets do not require a "trusted third party", i.e. an institution that verifies transactions and prevents any kind of fraud.
Understandably, cryptos enjoy a great deal of freedom, which is not without its dangers. At bit4you, however, we aim to be beyond reproach. Marc Toledo, the platform's CFO, explains: "We are continually working to comply with all existing regulations, and strive to be in line with all anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing processes. We are convinced that creating a secure environment for our customers is the key to the future of our business".
And that's exactly what their future is all about. As mentioned above, bit4you has launched a fundraising campaign via Beebonds, an FSMA-approved crowdlending platform. "BeeBonds puts investors in direct contact with project owners seeking additional financing from €500K to €5M in quasi-equity. An experienced team of financial professionals from the stock market world is at the helm. As usual, the dossier was analyzed by PwC," says Joël Duysan, CEO of Beebonds. He adds: "Our added value is to democratize access to projects usually reserved for professional investors.
Fundraising, but for what? Sacha Vandamme, CEO of "bit4you", answers: "The world of crypto-assets and blockchain is evolving extremely fast, and we have to develop our platform at the same pace to keep up with demand. So we regularly add new crypto-assets that are popular with users. For example, crypto-assets linked to metavers, about which we hear a lot". In terms of evolution, it's fair to say that "bit4you" is in full expansion: it has exceeded one billion euros in total transaction volume on its platform in 2021, compared with 100 million in 2020 and 13 million in 2019!
And today, "Chainius", the parent company of "bit4you", wants to raise 5 million euros to finance the acquisition of 64.73% of the shares in "Beluga", in order to continue its development.
If the takeover bid for "Beluga", a listed holding company with a portfolio of shares spread across small and medium-sized companies, is successful, "Chainius" intends to make "bit4you" Europe's first listed cryptocurrency exchange platform.
"bit4you" is thinking big and intends to become a leading European player in its field by 2026. And we'll be following the next chapters in this wonderful story.
And let's not let our savings go to sleep over the summer. Beebonds is a real lever for boosting your savings or seeing your entrepreneurial plans blossom next season.
For more information, visit www.beebonds.comouand leaf through LOBBY online, or take the magazine with you on holiday. Until then... have a great summer!