Published on September 8, 2022

Atoutcoeurs, a modern, high-end dating agency

By Shana Devleschoudere
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Atoutcoeurs is a dating agency for singles in search of true love. And it works!
It's a godsend for the shy, the overwhelmed, the divorced, the widowed and the lonely, because finding a soulmate is more difficult these days.
So why not enlist the help and support of the Agency and give yourself the means to succeed in your love life?
Those who have used Agence Atoutcoeurs have found the process reassuring, as they are supervised and guided by dating specialists.


Because the Agence Atoutcoeurs offers its members a great deal of listening, dialogue, availability, generosity and patience.
The Agency's members arrive at just the right moment, at a time in their lives when the desire to share a couple's life is becoming more and more pressing.
Loneliness becomes burdensome and so does the motivation to want to meet someone new.
The Agence Atoutcoeurs favors real-life encounters, those that correspond to members' criteria, while ensuring personalized follow-up after each encounter. The success rate varies from person to person, but if you've been accepted into the Agency as a new member, it's because there's great potential behind your file.


When Claire Mottart founded the Agency over 10 years ago, she put all her energy and heart into making her Atoutcoeurs Agency the reference in Belgium, Luxembourg and France.
 Her aim has always been to offer a top-of-the-range, made-to-measure service, adapted to each individual to meet the expectations of a demanding public.
In view of the growing demand from all over the country, Luxembourg and France, Claire Mottart took the initiative of surrounding herself with Atoutcoeurs ambassadors.
And it's Sabine Pasquier and Nathalie Goethals who devote their time to the Agency's members as highly efficient dating specialists.
Claire Mottart is now in charge of the Agency's development, looking for new ambassadors as competent as Sabine and Nathalie to cover regions such as Flanders, Wallonia and Paris.
to cover regions such as Flanders, Wallonia and Paris, handling press, radio and TV contacts, supervising the team and ensuring that follow-up with members goes smoothly.


Be positive. We all have assets that the Agency will detect and highlight during the first interview.
You have to believe in it to make a new start out of a beautiful encounter, and why not turn a fairy tale into reality?

Would you like to meet them? The Atoutcoeurs agency is available 7/7 for a free, no-obligation initial meeting