Updated on September 1, 2022

Next2Be is born!

By Shana Devleschoudere
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The world is in great turmoil! During the summer of 2022, in a context of low morale following two years of Covid, war in Ukraine, exceptional geopolitical tensions, major energy, climate and economic crises, the press and communication groups High Level Communication (with LOBBY magazine and its derived B2B events) and Berpress (with Eventail magazine and its derived B2B and B2C events) have decided to defy the gloomy circumstances of the moment and launch together the Next2Be! project.
Next2Be is an initiative that aims to deliberately look to the future, having faith in man's ability to anticipate the world of tomorrow, to reinvent himself, to innovate and to prepare his future. With Next2Be, the future is now !
Today, each actor of the economic life is experiencing its own revolution and must be able to transform its products and services if it wants to meet the new behaviors and expectations of tomorrow's consumers.
Next2Be is a project that addresses precisely these companies in full transformation, even in deep mutation. It is a multi-media communication platform that gives economic actors the unique opportunity to talk about their strategies for adapting to the requirements and new needs of tomorrow's consumers.
Next2Be is a powerful communication tool, in harmony with the new world that is being built. Next2Be is "The eye of the consumer of tomorrow".
The Next2Be campaign will include different levels of communication: a paper publication, in horizontal format, without any advertising + condensed information published on our websites and addressed to the contact bases of L'Eventail and LOBBY + video capsules made on the websites of our partner companies and broadcasted on Youtube + a targeted radio outreach thanks to BXFM Radio + a great Gala evening that will welcome the business world and reinforce Next2Be's 2022 program, on Tuesday, December 13, at the one and only business & social club in Brussels, TheMerode.
To name just a few of the partners who have already been attracted to the Next2Be project: Polestar, the architectural firms Jaspers & Eyers and A2M, Interparking, Knokke-Heist Gemeente and Idate Digiworld
With the conflict in Ukraine and the COVID19 pandemic, our behaviors have been disrupted and we probably anticipated by a few years evolutions that would have occurred sooner or later. The Next2Be project was born out of this acceleration, and its ambition is to open a window on these new horizons for its partners.
If you are an entrepreneur or a company director and would like to participate in this promising initiative and receive more information, please contact Yves de Schaetzen at +32 475.82.96.00 or via email at yves@macstrat.be or Thierry Misson at +32 477.73.45.00 or via email at tmisson@eventail.be or François Didisheim at +32 475.70.61.93 or via email at fdi@highlevelcom.be.
To learn more about the Next2Be project, go to this link. In the meantime, focus with interest and enthusiasm on your immediate future: the weekend is here!