Updated on October 27, 2022

When the car becomes an object of desire and emotion...

By Shana Devleschoudere
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Rarely has an "object" aroused so much passion. Born from our desire to conquer the world by road, this now robotized species, which reacts and obeys at a glance, offers us an intoxicating sensation on which we have all become dependent. " Every journey by car is first of all a journey inside oneself" wrote Octave Mirbeau in 1907. The author already perceived the automobile as a drug that is impossible to do without once you have tasted the intoxication of speed and the power it confers.

The little Citroën Ami, the electric quadricycle that can be driven... without a license!

Whether you drive a classic car or an exceptional racing car, whether you like its technical side or its cosy interior, everyone has a special relationship with their protective cocoon. An extension of our personality, the car is also a reflection of our times. Today, the way we perceive the car has changed and it is no longer rare for a (very) young person to own his or her own means of transportation. For example, the Citroën Ami, a motorized electric quadricycle, which can be driven without a license! This is a far cry from the "daddy's car" which was first introduced in 1885. In 130 years, the car has gone from being an experimental technology to a ubiquitous and essential object in everyone's life. Today, there are 1.42 billion cars in the world, gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, hybrid, electric and even... flying!

With folding wings on the sides of the vehicle, as well as a gigantic rear spoiler, this machine is driven like a "simple" car but can... fly!

Nowadays, customizing your car is also in fashion. From Jeff Koons, who turned a BMW into a real work of art, to the more dubious tastes of some stars who customize them to their own image, we don't know where to turn. Because when style becomes a comparative element, it counts as much as the horses under the hood. The car then becomes
from utilitarian machine to object of desire. We collect them, we take part in rallies, we meet between enthusiasts.

Customized by the artist Jeff Koons, the BMW The 8 has been given an exceptional makeover.

The car also allows for travel and discovery. And in this issue, we take you to some unusual golf courses. Not for their difficulty of play, nor even for their breathtaking landscapes, but for the works of art that line their fairways! A walk on the green that can only do good... So let's continue together this love of driving and continue to find pleasure in this space that gives us the freedom to come and go.

Unusual works of art on golf courses: when art meets golf, along the road routes...