Updated February 27, 2023

"Brussels, interconnected to the north and south of the country", this Tuesday 8/11 in Brussels!

By Shana Devleschoudere
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The LOBBY Forum "Brussels, interconnected to the North and South of the country" took place on November 8 in the prestigious salons of Brussels City Hall. 

Brussels is the epicenter of entrepreneurship. It's also a crossroads, a symbol of Belgian union.

How do players in the North and South perceive Brussels, and what are their ambitions? What are Brussels' dreams for today and tomorrow? During the Forum, moderated by Raphaëlle Mattart, researcher and expertin family entrepreneurship and governance, the experts present attempted to answer these societal questions.

We have attempted to approach this theme in LOBBY magazine. 

Discover the new LOBBY via this link!

Here are some photos of the event...