Updated November 14, 2022

From the New World to Belgium, via France...

By Shana Devleschoudere
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This week, we continue our series on Brussels, interconnected to the north and south of the country, with an institution almost as old as... our capital!
In fact, Banque Transatlantique (as it happens) is over 140 years old... And it's more active than ever!
Primarily a private asset management bank, it now focuses on five core businesses. Firstly, portfolio management to build an investment strategy, as is only natural for a company in this sector. Next, BT (for those in the know) offers to finance your projects via loans. Another area in which the bank has been particularly active in recent years is private equity, i.e. investment in unlisted companies. Banque Transatlantique can also help you plan your estate, so that it can be optimally organized and passed on to future generations. Banque Transatlantique also offers life insurance solutions.
Although today the company's activities are geographically located in France and Belgium, this has not always been the case. That's where the term "transatlantic" comes from. Founded in 1881, BT was initially involved in financing the major industrial projects of the early 20th century, as well as accompanying entrepreneurs as they set off for the New World. 1998 marked a turning point for the company: one of Europe's strongest banks, Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, became a 100% shareholder. A new era began for BT.
In its latest issue, LOBBY magazine interviewed Valérie Lecacheux, Managing Director, and Bertrand Marot, Executive Director in charge of Business Development. As is our custom, here are a few extracts from the interview.
About the bank's Belgian branch, aptly named Banque Transatlantique Belgium: "Banque Transatlantique Belgium was established in 2005. It is a fully-fledged Belgian private bank. In Brussels, we have all the components of a major private bank: private bankers, of course, but also an asset management team that manages our clients' portfolios, mostly in individual lines, a credit department, a wealth engineering team and all the support departments". And this is perhaps one of BTB's greatest strengths: a battery of experts, always ready to listen and propose solutions tailored to the situation.
But another strong point is BT's international network. BTB is a subsidiary of Banque Transatlantique, present in nine countries on three continents, whose shareholder is Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale. One of the most financially solid banks in Europe. A shareholder with a particularity uncommon in Belgium, since it is, as its name suggests, a mutualist group that belongs to its member-customers. This unique model enables us to take a long-term view, giving us the time and resources to achieve our objectives. It's also worth noting that Crédit Mutuel, our parent company, was the first French bank to apply for and obtain the status of "entreprise à mission", i.e. a status that integrates non-financial, societal or environmental objectives. Finally, Belgium is a strategic location for our Group's international development, making us a truly Belgian player. And we would add, a partner you can trust.
What about the future? The two directors are convinced that Banque Transatlantique Belgium will continue to develop its business here, with customer satisfaction at the heart of its commitment. This, thanks to professional, personalized and local support.
It's clear that this is an important theme for BTB. And this is undoubtedly the key to its success.