Updated on November 21, 2022


By Shana Devleschoudere
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The spirit of a House can be read in its codes. Immutable over time and reinventing themselves according to the creations to underline their singularity.

Sleek and graphic, the emerald cut represents the Place Vendôme, the emblematic code of the House, where Frédéric Boucheron became the first of the great contemporary jewelers to set up shop in 1893, at number 26, facing the high bronze column. Since then, like the Double Godron and the Clou de Paris, the emerald cut has become an integral part of the House's heritage and contributes to the unique signature of its creations. This heritage now inspires Boucheron fragrances to create a new men's fragrance, Boucheron Singulier. Entirely inspired by the emerald-cut shape that has become an inseparable signature of the House of Boucheron, it owes its name to the very universe of the House: a unique and exclusive universe, patiently and passionately built, enriched and reinterpreted over the seasons and generations. Boucheron Singulier is in every respect an invitation to a new journey to the very heart of the House, where tradition is constantly combined with modernity to give birth to creations that are always a mirror of their time. Boucheron Singulier aims to transcribe this universe in a bold, balanced composition in which the traditional aromatic woody accord, a perfumery classic, is revisited with modernity and in tune with the times.


Composed by Caroline Dumur, Boucheron Singulier was imagined around an emblematic wood of perfumery: cedar, which structures the composition and reveals its olfactory complexity in contact with the other accords and ingredients. From the very first notes, it displays a lively, fresh facet that is underlined by an invigorating accord of citrus and juniper berries. Spicy and fiery, they reveal the intensely aromatic character of the composition supported by a trio of lavender, clary sage and geranium. Together, they bring out the resinous, almost smoky facet of cedar, the one that gives a woody fragrance its allure. To intensify its depth and density, patchouli and vetiver, equally emblematic woods, integrate the composition. All the richness of cedar is then revealed, magnetic, both timeless and extraordinarily contemporary.

"This aromatic woody scent is built around cedar. This fragrance represents my vision of a new classic of a new classic with a modern twist. I used two qualities of cedar to the creamy side of the ingredient, but also its slight smokiness that blends perfectly with the which blends perfectly with the aromatic notes of sage and lavender. It's as if It's as if I've dressed this beautiful wood in multiple shades of blue. I also played with two types of patchouli by combining its essence with healingwood™, a fraction of the ingredient, stripped of its dusty accents that brings a real sophistication to the note. sophistication to the note." Caroline Dumur

Both monolithic and sophisticated, the Boucheron Singulier bottle is inspired by the distinctive elements of Place Vendôme and encapsulates the Parisian spirit of the House. It concentrates its essence and style, down to the smallest detail. The semi-transparent glass bottle is a deep, dense blue, a color dear to Boucheron, blue being the signature color of many of the House's creations. Its shoulders are clad with a shiny silver metal plate that perfectly highlights the cut edges of the bottle. Graphic, they embody and bear the engraving of the perfect emerald-cut rectangle, Boucheron's most emblematic signature. The shiny black cylindrical cap, resolutely masculine, also echoes the jeweler's codes and bears the Colonne Vendôme logo at the top like a seal.

Sober and graphic, the case is also inspired by Boucheron's Parisian codes of Boucheron: a deep blue case the Colonne Vendôme logo at the top and the the iconic emerald cut embossed on the front the front of the case. The Clou de Paris, another exclusive exclusive code, paves the sides of the case with a subtle embossed on the sides of the case, the ultimate detail that of this new fragrance to the singular universe of the fragrance to the unique world of Boucheron.