Published on November 22, 2022

Operation Thermos: alert on the increase of people in precariousness

By Shana Devleschoudere
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Operation Thermos has resumed its food distributions at the Botanique station for more than 15 days and has noticed a dizzying increase in the number of people in a precarious situation. Indeed, in the space of 15 days, the association has gone from 63 meals distributed to more than 190. An increase that has never been experienced in the history of our association.

"We have never distributed so many meals so quickly in the season. These numbers are steadily increasing and we are very concerned that they will continue to rise in the coming days/weeks," warns Céline Vivier, president of the non-profit organization Operation Thermos. "It is in the missions of the association to respond as well as possible to this crisis situation and we have therefore asked our teams of volunteers to increase to 170 meals per evening. These meals will be supplemented every evening by 30 sandwich bags in order to reach 200 meals distributed every evening."

However, the association, which has been active in the field of aid to people in precarious situations for 35 years, is sounding the alarm: it will not be able to increase the number of meals distributed ad infinitum.

"It is already complex to organize meals for 200 people, especially in 'take-away' mode from the covid, which involves more preparation time, disposables and therefore costs since the prices of this material are also increasing. Contacts will be made with politicians and fellow associations to see how we can cope", concludes Céline Vivier.

The association is already calling on the political world. It is time to make things happen in Brussels because the situation is dramatic and could become untenable.

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