Updated on January 26, 2023


By Shana Devleschoudere
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During the Covid crisis, chef Isabelle Arpin and Dominika Herzig launcheda spontaneous cooking operation to provide meals for hospital staff, helping with the tools they had: imagination, pots and pans and talent.

After the confinement, they continued the adventure, in co-creative pairing. Isabelle Arpin in charge of flavors, Dominika, a new commercial engineer, in charge of servers. The concept has gradually evolved into a custom catering company emulsified with a starred e-shop service. For the past two years, customers have been able to pick up the neat little dishes of the great gastronomic story directly from Isabelle Arpin's restaurant, or have them delivered without the set-up having moved, thanks to the balancing precautions taken by an independent Belgian start-up. La Bonne étoile cultivates a festive and colorful universe, positive and playful. A mastery of experimental flavors delivered at home, Arpin "to go" to enjoy all the arpeggios of cooking.

A white glove caterer, uncompromising on presentation

It's comfort without effort, luxury on the plate without the headache. The presentation of the takeaway is such that it would be placed in front of you in a restaurant, the taste immediately takes you elsewhere, but not to the caterer: no flavor is standardized. Cooking is chemistry. Presenting it as a restaurant is engineering.

A new map of possibilities

As of February, a La Bonne étoile counter workshop by Isabelle Arpin will open on Place Keym in Brussels, with the possibility of enriching the experience of tastes and colors with a new range of groceries signed by the chef whose creativity is bubbling away.

Flexibility, adaptability, starred menus to be reheated

Deliveries and custom decoration services are provided throughout Belgium and beyond, with absolutely fresh products that have never seen a freezer and are just waiting for a plate, even a simple one, to come on stage. La Bonne étoile also creates "scoundrel" dishes of essential and inspired home cooking. For the allergic and the committed, Isabelle Arpin develops a range of vegetarian products from food tech, based on vegetable proteins, which reproduce the taste, texture and appearance of poultry and fish, which combine their sensations to perfection, which are minimally processed, and without additives.

Custom-made on fire

La Bonne étoile also shines during the day with diet and family subscription packages, and with the "arpiness week".

Isabelle Arpin offers a new menu every month, with soups, starters, meat and fish dishes, children's menus, desserts, sauces and terrines. The in-house grocery store also develops a fine selection of bisques, soups, sauces and flavored butters.