Updated on January 26, 2023

Managers, learn to put your ego aside...

By Shana Devleschoudere
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This week, we begin an inspiring new series, dedicated to the LOBBY AWARDS 2022, the most anticipated ceremony of the new year.
It is the event, not only social, of the beginning of the year in Brussels. Each year, the magazine LOBBY(www.lobbymag.com) presents its awards to the personalities who have made a difference over the past year. These highly coveted awards were presented on Tuesday, January 24 in the very contemporary setting of the AG Campus.
The ceremony was, by all accounts, a great success. And it is not his godfather, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, who will say otherwise.
On stage, at the presentation, we found the unbeatable Thomas de Bergeyck, who knows well "the house" since it was already him who led the ceremony last year.
So we spoke to the RTL-TVI journalist to get his feeling.
For him, one characteristic emerges from this list: the men and women honored are "self-made". In short, they made it on their own. "Their primary resource is not in their pocket. It's in them. Call it what you will: faith, optimism, courage. And our interlocutor details the supreme awards: the Woman and Man of the Year. "How can we not honor a woman as inspiring as Ilham Khadri? She is humility itself. The first female "boss" of Solvay, the only female CEO in the Bel 20, "Ilham" means "inspiration". She owes her career path to her grandmother, who inspired her "to dream beyond". For the men, it is difficult to decide as our two joint winners fill all the boxes. Integrity, common good and independence. Three concepts that fit Laurent Hublet's skin, the founder of BeCentral, a digital campus in the heart of Brussels that brings out a thousand new tech talents every year. Laurent recently resigned from the group of experts convened by the federal government to advise it on digital issues. Not an abandonment, a signal that the switch is not the right one. Giles Daoust says it straight: "Managers, learn to put your ego aside. If one of your actions is motivated by your ego, back off and react differently. Giles knows this better than anyone, as the head of his family's temporary employment agency, which has become the tenth largest employer in the Brussels region. He launched his own film and book production company, Title Media, almost twenty years ago.
We will have the opportunity to detail the complete list of the LOBBY AWARDS in our next newsletters, but today we would like to focus on two other categories.
First the Artistic Leader of the year. "Isabelle de Borchgrave tirelessly puts her talent at the service of art. She proves it again through her exhibition dedicated to Frida Kahlo, for which she handled four kilometers of paper and cardboard during three years! The place of the artist in society, such is the questioning of Bébelle who deserved this artistic award" enthuses our Mr. Loyal of an evening.
Another woman is honored in the category Revelation of the Year: Sana Afouaiz. "Her network of women entrepreneurs has 10,000 members in 20 countries. Womenpreneur is more than that because Sana also questions equality and gender. A vast debate that the LOBBY AWARDS wanted to salute.
And Thomas de Bergeyck concludes as follows: "Once again, I am very proud to have accompanied the teams and their winners to our great LOBBY AWARDS gala. Because in our wonderful kingdom, talent is more than ever in the present and the future. With the little "self-made" touch that makes all the difference!"
At this point of our newsletter, your mouth must be watering to know more about the ceremony itself. So enjoy the pictures of the event via this link.
In the meantime, this weekend, feel free to browse through the LOBBY magazine of the LOBBY AWARDS with its entire list of winners. It's here !