Published on January 30, 2023

A union of fragrances ideal for the lovers' day...

By Shana Devleschoudere
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The perfect perfumes for him and her, a love story born in Venice...
A meeting between the seducer Casanova and the elegant LadyCode...
For a Valentine's Day under the sign of the sacred union and the beauty of the beings.

Palazzo Nobile

Casanova 2161 - Eau de toilette - Woody Aromatic

The eternal seduction for all elegant people: Aromatic and magnetic, this androgynous fragrance oscillates between lightness and passion... and is offered to confident, resolutely stylish personalities. Its timeless trail is built around dark juniper berries, charismatic iris and woody vetiver. Ideal for those who love subtlety, this eau de toilette has the highest olfactory intensity of the Palazzo Nobile collection. 100 ml - 148 euros

Collezione Privata

Lady Code - Eau de parfum - Chypré Gourmand

A disturbing classic, for the elegant woman: The woman who is sophisticated by nature, elegant without ostentation, reveals a seduction between sensuality and bewitchment. Timeless chic... interpreted in an eau de parfum that, from a first flight of fresh pink berries, hooks you with its vibrant jasmine heart and a gourmand almond. The intimidating charisma of a self-confident woman gives way to her bubbling heat and arouses desire. 100 ml - 250 euros


A unique duo, designed for him and her, in the beauty of their sacred union. Collection to discover without further delay via LA MAISON VALMONT.