Published on February 2, 2023


By Shana Devleschoudere
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Le Tanneur pays special attention to its products made in the Loire region, where the most beautiful references in its catalog are born. Made in France" is a long chapter inherited from its century-old know-how and will soon become a pillar for the House, which favors manufacturing in France.

For more than five years, Le Tanneur has continued to develop its range of products made in France with two objectives in mind: to preserve its historical know-how and to carry the colors of French leather goods high. This is achieved by working with the most beautiful materials selected in France or Italy.

From the expert hands in the workshops, to the hands of the customers, through those of the slitter, weaver or pamperer, each of them takes the utmost care of Le Tanneur pieces. Le Tanneur creates a unique value chain in France, while ensuring that its creations last over time and become more beautiful year after year.

Two names to remember:

Madeleine: an exceptional line made of bull calf leather sourced in the Basque Country, then completed with palladium jewelry, two of the most beautiful materials that can be found in France today.

Louise: the "perfect tote" made from supple grained Italian leather, which is found right inside the piece, as a lining. Beautiful material and know-how are here at the service of an elegant everyday piece.