Updated on February 16, 2023

A new way to dine and party

By Shana Devleschoudere
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On the edge of the Forêt de Soignes and a stone's throw from Brussels, the Barbizon restaurant has been given a makeover. Between tradition, audacity and pleasure, and with the unexpected as its watchword, it brings together a myriad of proposals, services and spaces in an unusual place. The setting has been designed to be recognizable among a thousand with an assertive identity, an atypical style and the desire to surprise - as evidenced by the fresco painted on the ceiling - but all the while exuding a friendly aura. A large and majestic scaling bar - the central element of the restaurant - , a cocktail bar, a dining room, a lounge area, a bucolic garden and a cigar bar set the scene for this special place where all the ingredients are combined to give customers the freedom to spend an entire evening in the same place while changing space in a succession

The menu is deliberately limited to allow the chef to change it according to the season and the arrival of new arrivals, and highlights quality products, notably mature meats and exceptional seafood. The menu, deliberately limited to allow the chef to change it according to the seasons and arrivals, highlights quality products, notably matured meats and exceptional seafood. The brasserie-inspired dishes, worked in an elegant and creative way, are accompanied by a magnificent wine list as well as a beautiful selection of house cocktails prepared by the talented mixologist. With the ambition to revitalize the outskirts of Brussels by proposing a complete and unique formula that is part of a brand new identity and a strong concept, Barbizon 2.0 is an ideal place for a birthday, a private party, a corporate event or a dinner with family and friends. The Barbizon lifestyle ? Luxurious codes, an atmosphere in the air of time and a warm and festive spirit. Enough to charm all lovers of good times.