Updated on February 21, 2023


By Shana Devleschoudere
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In October 1989, Jean Blondiau opened his first audiology consultation in Waterloo. Since then, the sale of hearing aids has too often taken a commercial direction when, let's remember, it is above all a service profession. With 35 years of experience, he now supervises 3 hearing centers (in Ohain, Waterloo and Woluwe) and wishes more than ever to give priority to advice and service, by giving the patient all the time he needs. Jean Blondiau is always looking for an optimal solution to the various hearing problems he encounters. His goal is to find the device best suited to the patient's needs through 8 major brands, each with its own specificities. He compares them in order to give the patient, not the best price, but the best approach and the best setting. That said, it has become possible to obtain a very good result with an entry-level device. The cost of the hearing aid is the technology but also and above all the service. The brain has to adapt to the hearing aid and that is why consultations for adjustments are important during the life of the hearing aid (5 to 7 years). Here, priority is given to the human aspect. Hearing-impaired people are thus integrated into the Blondiau team, in order to put their experience at the service of patients. To this end, a conference room integrated into the facilities allows interested people to participate in scientific events and to exchange their experiences. As you will have understood, thanks to transparency, ethics, independence and listening, Blondiau centers are a source of satisfaction for all patients.