Updated on February 21, 2023

A new life for the automobile ancestors!

By Shana Devleschoudere
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The Carrosserie du Prince d'Orange has been taking care of the vehicles entrusted to it for 30 years. In three decades, the small confidential garage has become a specialized workshop and a center of excellence in its field. "I worked for 12 years as a car expert, but I eventually got tired of the administrative burden of this job," recalls Henri Harms, founder and owner, but above all a car enthusiast. For the past five years, he has added a string to the bow of his flourishing body shop: a department dedicated to classic cars. Successful bet: the order book is still full and people rush (sometimes from far away) to entrust their rolling jewels to the care of HHistoricar. This is illustrated by, among others, a Jaguar Eventer whose body is in very poor condition... Thanks to HHistoricar's know-how, this "hunting station wagon" version of the Jaguar XJS, produced in only 69 examples by the famous English coachbuilder Lynx, will be given a new lease of life. And, this winter, another prestigious project is on the horizon: an Aston Martin DB4 (the same one as James Bond), whose paintwork has become dull and needs a real facelift. As far as the mechanical part is concerned, if HHistoricar takes care of some small works, all the rest is subcontracted to well-known and recognized specialists. Thanks to this network, HHistoricar can implement complete restoration works. There is no doubt about it: HHistoricar is now the place where the jewels of the automobile history are reborn.