Updated on February 21, 2023

Painter & poet at the same time !

By Shana Devleschoudere
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Self-taught, Christophe has been passionate about colors and words since his teenage years and has never stopped painting and writing since that time. The particularity of his art is to mix the two. Each painting is inspired by one of his poems and the latter is found in whole or in part on the work. After studying art history and a thousand and one professional lives, some of which were complicated, he completely changed his mind in 2015 and decided to be a full-time artist. His paintings are now exhibited everywhere and he is already working on his third and fourth books. The first, "Dans les rêves de Carole Lewis", is a collection of poetry published by Éditions du Cygne in Paris in 2022. The second, "We are all artists", presenting paintings alongside their poems, was published by Editions Laconti in Brussels the same year. He is now tackling larger and larger works, such as the exterior decoration of the harbour master's office of the Autonomous Port of Namur or "Where is the battle?", his gigantic painting (3m x 12m) at the Mont-Saint-Jean Farm in Waterloo, his "abstract Guernica", as Serge Goyens de Heusch, doctor of Art History, who wrote the preface of his second book, puts it. This is how he summarizes Christophe's painting: "He creates audacious abstractions gestures, which evoke the great masters of abstract expressionism... Always aware of innovative movements, Christophe de Fierlant pursues what seems to obsess him: the combination of form and color, with verbal inscriptions coming from his poetic inspiration. And he ends by saying, "Such a painter should be recognized among our best contemporary Belgian artists!"