Updated on February 21, 2023

To take full advantage of your outdoors

By Shana Devleschoudere
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To feel good at home and in harmony with your environment, it is important to have a beautiful exterior for the sunny days we love so much. Anticipate the beautiful days and take full advantage of your exteriors when the weather allows it and when you feel like it! Finally get that feeling of escape, travel and return to your roots that your garden promises. A landscaping project often brings together the skills of different specialists (green spaces, irrigation, roads, electricity...). CIP offers you 10 experts in their respective fields, as well as the necessary equipment to see your project completed in a turnkey fashion. Thus, you save time, management and peace of mind! And all this, for an incomparable result. In addition, to amplify the fullness of your garden, why not think of a friendly and upscale outdoor kitchen? With OFYR cookers, turn your barbecues into the fun and sharing moment you imagined. Thanks to its unique shape, the OFYR fire allows each guest to cook and the chef to be surrounded by his family. Halfway between the barbecue, the brazier and the plancha, discover this unique, simple, versatile and subtly contemporary cooking system.