Published on March 9, 2023

TOPSEC launches its vending machines for racquet sports

By Shana Devleschoudere
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TOPSEC, leader of the automatic distribution of sports and leisure articles on the place of practice, chose to extend its concept to the racket sports (tennis, squash and padel). These automatic distributors in free deposit,allow the sports establishments to bring an additional service, of proximity, immediate and of quality to their players.

An indispensable vending machine for players

TOPSEC wished to accompany the practitioners and to facilitate the access to the sports of rackets directly on their places of practice.

With this vending machine, occasional and regular tennis, squash and padel players can quickly and easily access the equipment they need so that nothing can stop them from playing, and at affordable prices.

  •  Padel, squash and tennis accessories: balls, racket grips, racket protectors
  •  Gourds, shakers...
  •  Textile (bra, tee shirt, shorts, leggings, socks)

Several major sports brands make up the range of products offered with prices aligned with the market: Tiguar, Dim Sport, Shock absorber, Champion, Head, Dunlop and Bullpadel.

A "turnkey" service

TOPSEC offers an additional service "turnkey " which makes it possible to generate an additional income without any necessary management on behalf of the sports center.
Indeed, the company takes care of everything: sourcing of the products, preparation of the automatic distributors, delivery, supply, maintenance and after-sales service.

Who is TOPSEC ?

TOPSEC was created in 2000 in France and opened a subsidiary in Benelux in 2014 and in Spain in 2017.

The company was originally specialized in swimming equipment. Due to the success of its concept, it has chosen to expand to new activities in order to accompany ice rinks, fitness rooms and now tennis, squash and padel courts.

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