Updated on March 9, 2023

The AG Campus, an example of modern renovation

By Shana Devleschoudere
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In the aftermath of the containment period, when there was only talk everywhere of reducing office space and teleworking, AG Insurance went against the tide in a way by inaugurating in March 2022, on the first floor of its head office, a 4,800 m2 space. A virtuous example of modern, sustainable, airy, green and bright renovation in the center of Brussels, initiated by the evr-architecten office and realized by the construction and renovation company Socatra in association with the Janssen companies. This does not mean, of course, that AG has not adapted to the new work habits. On the contrary, the location is equipped with the latest technology and allows for all kinds of connections. "The well-being of our staff is one of our priorities," says spokeswoman Laurence Gijs, "and we are looking for the best balance between office and teleworking, because nothing can replace direct human contact. The environment has been redesigned so that our employees have an ideal experience when they are on site, so that they can meet, chat, talk with their manager during a brain storming session, but also learn new working methods and develop themselves continuously. We want to recruit the best young talent and help them better position themselves in a market that is constantly changing, thanks to a central and attractive place for learning and exchange. This is all the more useful and valuable as AG Insurance has hired around 700 people in the last three years, which is a lot!

In addition to the offices, meeting and training rooms, and open spaces, the Campus has a 400-seat auditorium that can be divided into two for events and conferences. Provided by AG Real Estate, the real estate arm of the insurance company and a valuable supporter of the LOBBY Awards, it was truly the perfect setting to host an evening honoring our leaders of the year under the patronage of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. The design of the AG Campus is in line with the values we regularly promote in our magazine: contacts, exchanges and celebrations. Even before it was built, it was awarded the "BE.Exemplary" label, which recognizes cutting-edge projects in terms of sustainable development in the Brussels-Capital Region. The circular economy is central to the renovation. "We went very far in recovering materials from the old building, woodwork, marble, tiles, which have thus found a new life, a new dynamic and sometimes a new function," explains Alexandre De Cesco, CEO of Socatra. "We called on a Brussels-based company, Rotor DC, which specializes in the reuse of construction materials, in particular with modular and removable partitions that make it possible to modify the available spaces without affecting the structure of the building. Several of our worksites have been awarded and subsidized by the Region, we are very proud of that." Right down to the carpeting that was made from recycled clothing, the first in the world certified anti-allergenic. The place is CO2 neutral, patios have been created, the garden has been redesigned, solar panels have been installed, rainwater is collected in a 72,000-liter tank and a green roof has been designed, providing natural insulation for both temperature and noise. A green island on rue du Pont Neuf where it should be good to work.

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