Updated March 9, 2023

Healthy, happy and motivated employees = the most important capital!

By Shana Devleschoudere
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In Kristel De Bisschop, General Manager of Laboratoires Pierre Fabre Benelux, we found some very interesting answers to the question of leadership. We're delighted with her alternative vision!

In Kristel De Bisschop, General Manager of Laboratoires Pierre Fabre Benelux, we found some very interesting answers to the question of leadership. We're delighted with her alternative vision!

This week, we continue our in-depth exploration of the characteristics that make up the ideal profile of today's Leader: inspiring and caring!

A leader of men with integrity, a flair for communication and the ability to set a course, not to mention the ability to have a vision for the company and the capacity to make decisions... The various facets that characterize a good leader are numerous, but while some of these are essential, others are often overlooked.

In our quest for a better understanding of what a modern leader should be and do, we found some very interesting answers in Kristel De Bisschop, General Manager of Laboratoires Pierre Fabre Benelux. Not only do we think she's a brilliant woman, we're also enthusiastic about her alternative vision. Focus, then!

"There is no manual or recipe for good leadership. But I dare say that to be a Leader, empathic notions are as important as intellectual skills. EQ is even more important than IQ! And this is where things often go wrong: a business leader may excel at numbers, but have little or no empathic skills to manage, motivate and inspire a team". We warned you: Kristel's got it going on!

Few Leaders rightly express this point of view. And many captains of industry even forget this aspect of things. And yet, in today's society, the happiness and well-being of workers seem indispensable to the running of a business. "The values of our pharmaceutical company and its holistic approach fit in very well with my mission of "Caring for others... for a better life". Our employees remain at the heart of our daily thinking and actions. The book "Wellbeing = Profit", written by my sister Ann De Bisschop, makes it very clear that healthy, happy and motivated employees are the most important capital. To make a profit, you need a strong, motivated team. And expressing appreciation is key to getting everyone involved.

In "Wellbeing = Profit", the author theorizes on the concept of

"4C stands for : Communication, Collaboration, Connection and Care. Kristel De Bisschop details this theory for us, while making it clear from the outset that "The '4Cs' that her sister Ann talks about in her book are also her leitmotiv and inspiration as a leader.
COMMUNICATION: this is more important than ever in hybrid work. It's essential to be able to express your feelings and give regular feedback.

COLLABORATION: "I don't have time right now" is a statement to be avoided, as employees perceive no commitment to their priorities. A manager must be accessible and available to allow people to develop.

CONNECTION: in other words, organize "check-in" moments, take the time to listen to employees and trust them.

Finally, CARE: this word is used too frivolously. It means much more than a bottle of wine or a fruit basket. Well-being is a shared responsibility between the company, the manager and the employee.

We've finally learned that our expert has a leitmotiv in which she firmly believes: "Be well to Be at your Best". What a program!

To conclude, I'd like to quote a phrase from Ronald Reagan, former US President, which is perfectly suited to the ideas and concepts defended by the Director of Pierre Fabre Benelux Laboratories: "The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He's the one who gets people to do the greatest things". Edifying!

Oh yes, I forgot. At the LOBBY AWARDS, Kristel De Bisschop and Laboratoires Pierre Fabre Benelux sponsored the Female Leader of the Year Award. The winner was Ilham Kadri, CEO of Solvay. The timing couldn't have been better to illustrate the spirit with which Pierre Fabre Benelux's CEO views Win-Win Leadership.

If you'd like to find out more about this Win-Win Leadership, go to the page-turner in the latest LOBBY HERE.

In the meantime, this weekend...take very CARE!