Updated March 9, 2023

Tissot: New Seastar, the all-terrain watch

By Shana Devleschoudere
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Tissot presents the latest edition of its Seastar 1000 sports watch collection, the Seastar 1000 Quartz 40 mm. This elegant, high-performance new sports watch is the perfect choice for men and women looking for a chic, bold timepiece to accompany them in all their activities.

The 40 mm case size is designed to meet everyone's needs. The watch is extremely versatile and offers outstanding technical performance, with water-resistance certification to 300 meters, a unidirectional rotating bezel and a high-quality quartz movement.

The new 40 mm Seastar 1000 Quartz sports watch collection will be available in three different colors: black and white, blue and white, and black and gold.

Customization of the watch is also possible thanks to the detachable strap system and by choosing from a wide range of bracelets.

In short, the new 40 mm Seastar 1000 Quartz collection is a harmonious marriage of elegance and technology, blending Swiss watchmaking expertise with timeless design.

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