Updated March 24, 2023

Truffe Noire reconciles tradition and innovation

By Shana Devleschoudere
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Since 1988, the traditional yet innovative cuisine of La Truffe Noire has been sublimating black and white truffles with the most intense research. Each original creation is the expression of this passion, shared with the most demanding gourmets.

Lunch or dinner in this manor house is a guarantee of classic cuisine, sprinkled with modern touches and finely executed. Chef Erik Lindelauf and his team put all their know-how to work, sublimating luxury products with a subtle balance between tradition and innovation. Bucking the current trend towards a single menu, Erik Lindelauf offers the Privilège menu (the house's iconic menu for 30 years), the Diamant menu, which changes according to his inspiration, and a varied menu that evolves with the seasons. During the week, a business lunch option is available. With or without truffles, the range of dishes on offer allows everyone to enjoy a special moment to their liking.

In a new decor featuring soothing teal blue hues and original photographic works, you'll be able to admire the precious mushrooms presented to you at table. Beef carpaccio, one of the house's great classics, will be prepared in front of you. The sauces are powerful and the flavors rich, all, of course, accompanied by the aroma of truffles. In ravioli, nestled in a fine fish or at the heart of a creamy Brillat-Savarin, truffles come in all shapes and sizes.

With a wide selection of wines, a private room to host your events and a smoking room, Truffe Noire is a gourmet house dedicated to the elegance, refinement and enchanting magic of this extraordinary ingredient.

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