Updated on March 27, 2023


By Shana Devleschoudere
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From an ancient artisanal extraction technique comes a rare and unique essence of citrus fruit, at the heart of a lively and multi-faceted composition.

Traditionally used to obtain a precious essence of bergamot, "Spugnatura" is an ancient extraction method still practiced by a few artisans in Italy. True to Acqua di Parma's DNA, which is inspired by its heritage to create contemporary olfactory interpretations, the House applies the age-old technique to another citrus fruit, Arancia Vaniglia, to make a new limited edition fragrance.

The star fruit of Ribera, known as the "city of oranges" in Italy, Arancia Vaniglia owes its name to its perfect olfactory oxymoron: the freshness of oranges and the seductive sweetness of vanilla contrast in its fragrance. This bittersweet symphony offers a surprising olfactory experience.


The House has always been determined to preserve the most ancient and precious artisanal processes and has long cherished this project. It is in Italy that the last craftsmen still practice the ancient sponge technique. This fascinating traditional method involves the extraction of the citrus essence entirely by hand.

It is a true art that requires time and skillful, precise and delicate gestures. With a sharp knife, the artisan cuts each fruit into two equal halves. Then, using a spoon-shaped utensil called "cavatore", he separates the skin from the pulp. Immediately afterwards, the artisan presses the peel of the oranges by hand on sea sponges that absorb all the essence. In the last phase, he wrings out the sponges impregnated with essential oil in a few precise movements over a terracotta container in order to collect the powerful citrus elixir.

The limited production capacity of this technique, which relies entirely on manual processes, explains the rarity of the ingredient. From about 100 kg of fruit, only 300 g of essence is extracted; two craftsmen work a volume of 300 kg of fruit per day. Afterwards, the supply chain uses all the other components of the orange for different purposes without generating waste. The sponge, soft and smooth in contact with the peel, preserves all the nuances of the fruit, and it is this unique scent that distinguishes the elixir at the origin of Arancia La Spugnatura.


Arancia La Spugnatura is the ultimate expression of this characteristic ingredient in all its depth and richness. Joyful, luminous and enveloping, it is a fragrance that surprises as wonderfully as the bright rays of the Italian sun.

The initial burst of citrus notes offers contrasts, like the Arancia Vaniglia fruit itself, which combines the typical freshness of citrus with a degree of sweetness and roundness. There is the same opposition between the yellow tangerine and the bitter almond, which brings a touch of bittersweetness to the composition. Finally, the black pepper gives it a touch of texture and brightness. Created by master perfumer François Demachy, the fragrance is a balance of contrasts that blossoms into a surprising olfactory experience.


Porcelain being the most outstanding material of the ceramic family, the limited edition bottle becomes an exceptional piece of craftsmanship distinguished by the intense blue color that embodies the Blu Mediterraneo collection.

The long manufacturing process begins with the making of the plaster mold inside which the porcelain mixture is cast by hand to take the iconic shape of the Art Deco bottle. The mold is rotated several times so that the porcelain adheres well to the walls, then inverted to release the excess mixture. At this point, the craftsman lets the bottle dry for 30 to 40 minutes before removing it from the mold in solid form. Next, he perfects each object by carefully eliminating the smallest imperfections until he has a smooth, pleasant-touch surface. After being gently dipped in a varnish bath and fired in the oven for 8 hours, the bottle takes on a deeper blue tone, enhanced by the glossy finish. Finally, the resulting object is hand-decorated with golden motifs inspired by the perfume's ingredients and a white and orange background with golden reflections, before being re-fired to fix the decoration.

The bottle is topped with a blue porcelain cap, which ends its neck made with a unique polishing technique developed specifically for Acqua di Parma. A detachable pump with a screw closure completes the package. The label is made from marble quarry dust while the iconic cylindrical box is made of FSC certified paper in the same special shade of blue as the porcelain bottle.


Founded in 1916 by Baron Carlo Magnani, a visionary, discreet and lover of Italy, Acqua di Parma is the undisputed global icon of Italian excellence, craftsmanship and style. A true tribute to the sobriety, sincerity and generosity of its Italian roots, Acqua di Parma is an ode to the "Arte di Vivere", a commitment to

for the preservation of nature, culture and art.


Blu Mediterraneo is a sensory journey that takes us to the magical destinations of the Italian coast and its lands, to meet its most refined ingredients. Crafted with passion and care, each fragrance embodies the essence of a singular place and captures the unique beauty and vitality that define it. The exhilarating warmth of the peninsular sun connects the fragrances and transports us to luminous places where nature and craftsmanship coexist in perfect harmony.

PRICE: Arancia la Spugnatura 100ml: 170 € - AVAILABLE FROM MAY 15, 2023 - https://www.acquadiparma.com/fr/be/