Updated May 25, 2023

Let's trust in human genius...

By Shana Devleschoudere
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Tuesday June 6 sees the release of the new issue of LOBBY, and as with every issue, it will be the occasion for a new themed Forum featuring experts and speakers (registration below). We'll tell you all about it. Follow the guide!
We've been talking about it for a few weeks now in this newsletter: the theme of the Forum, and therefore of the new LOBBY magazine, will be "Innovations and Revolutions for the Real Estate Sector". Or, when human genius adapts to the revolutions and innovations of a sector that is evolving at dizzying speed.
To deal with such a theme, we needed an iconic building to host the Forum evening. We chose the CBR Building in Watermael-Boitsfort. A Brutalist-style building, it is the former headquarters of Cimenteries et Briqueteries Réunies, now Cimenteries Belges réunies. Today, it's been converted into a coworking space by Fosbury & Sons. Fosbury & Sons' boss, Toon Haverals (LIFE.BE), will be on hand.
The CBR building enjoys widespread recognition: it is cited in numerous publications and was the only Belgian building chosen in 1980 by MoMA as part of its selection of two hundred buildings worldwide for its "Transformation in Modern Architecture" exhibition. A kind of consecration in the beautiful little world of Architecture.
The Forum will be introduced by myself and hosted by Barbara LOUYS on stage and, on radio, by Philippe SALA and Pierre CHAUDOIR (BXFM radio).
Several high-profile speakers will also be present. Such is the case ofHervé Camerlynck, who runs the infobeton.be platform. You've already understood the sector he defends. To set the tone, here's what he says when asked about concrete as a polluting material: "It's not concrete that emits CO2, but the production of one of its components, cement. As a reminder, concrete is made from sand, gravel, water and cement, the latter acting as a "glue" to hold everything together. These raw materials are extracted or produced in Belgium.
Serge Fautré of AG Real Estate is another expert who will be honoring us with a panel discussion. This is AG Insurance's real estate subsidiary. Its ambition is to manage a portfolio of assets in an optimal and sustainable way. Both investors and developers, it operates in Belgium and abroad. To achieve this goal, AG Real Estate has several solutions: participation in real estate development, investment and financing. But AG Real Estate is also an advocate of PPPs (public-private partnerships) and manages parking lots. Interparking is a 51% subsidiary of AG Real Estate. In short, a company with a voice that counts, that of Serge Fautré, its CEO.
Francis Metzger, whom we mentioned last week in this newsletter, will also be present. Let's not forget that he is the driving force behind the architectural firm he founded in the early 80s (MA²), which commands respect beyond our borders. This pure product of Brussels (he was born in Marolles), with his many award-winning projects, is a passionate man whose expertise is sure to fascinate us once again.
Finally, to complete this exceptional line-up, we'll be delighted to welcome Marino Keroulis, founder of Betweenpros. Betweenpros was created as an open platform for professional real estate and investment professionals. The start-up landed on the web at a time when Covid was forcing the world to live in brackets. It took advantage of the situation to refine and expand its concept, a sort of niche Immoweb for discerning professionals.
Interested in this Forum? Registration is free if you subscribe to our newsletter. You can only register by sending an e-mail to sde@highlevelcom.be.
And to whet your appetite, this Forum evening will end with a cocktail reception to enable our guests to continue their conversation on this fascinating subject, which concerns more people than you might think.
So, what do you think?