Published on November 5, 2023

Beauty, responsible Belgian brands!

By Shana Devleschoudere
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Responsible and natural consumption is good, but local and Belgian is even better! Even if there are more and more of them, it's not always easy to find a quality Belgian beauty brand, both in terms of results and texture. Let's focus on three sure-fire values.

MakeSenz, less is more

© MakeSenz

© MakeSenz

After more than 10 years in the industrial cosmetics sector, Sophie Trenteseaux dreams of other possibilities. In 2009, as a young mother, she trained in aromatherapy and cosmetology, and decided to forge her own path by creating MakeSenz in December 2011. Her ambition? To offer an authentic brand that accompanies and respects skin in all its states. Committed to healthy, authentic beauty,MakeSenz improves skin condition and respects both health and theenvironment. Values centered onnaturalness, simplicity and pleasure, with the motto: Less is more. All products are formulated to be effective while simplifying daily life. The ingredients are natural and beneficial to the skin, with formulations based on botanical science andaromatherapy. The locally produced range is certified vegan, organic (with min 98% ingredients of natural origin) and 'slow cosmetics', and products are packaged in recyclable and/or recycled packaging.

  • What's new? The detangling and nourishing conditioner, made from 99.50% natural ingredients (€25).
  • The brand's must-have? The jojoba-based facial moisturizer (€35).

Maison Éole, from vine to skin

Maison Éole

It didn't take 10 years for Belgian vineyard Chant d'Eole to launch its collection of cosmetics based on the active principles of the vine. A first in Belgium! Anne-Sophie Charle was 44 when she decided to change career direction and launch a range of cosmetics under the name Maison Eole from the family vineyard. After 18 months of hard work, built with rigor, passion and commitment, the range will be marketed in December 2021 and reserved for the pharmaceutical sector. "Natural certified" and vegan, developed from the active principles of the vine, the collection is positioned as an innovative, eco-responsible and exclusive range. But the brand is also a pioneer in the waycosmetics packaging is conceived. No more cardboard or disposable plastic. The packaging is a wooden box that we like to reuse every day.

  • The must-have? Especially the rejuvenating body scrub, which won the Marie-Claire award for beauty excellence in 2022 (45€).

Delbôve, natural luxury


Delbôve is a brand of skincare products based on the principles ofhomeostasis and phytotherapy, which use the virtues of medicinal plants to restore the skin's natural balance and function. The goal of the eponymous founding couple of the brand born in 1967? The best. The most effective. The most natural. Simplicity without compromise. And today, this credo is still upheld, thanks to the guardian and transmitter, Gina d'Ansembourg. Delbôve is the pioneer of an elaborate combination of science and nature. Three-quarters of the ingredients used by the brand are oforganic origin and 97 to 99% are ofnatural origin, the packaging is eco-friendly, the products are cruelty-free, the brand strives to reduce its carbon footprint and the products are made in France.

  • What's new? Maison Delbôve has given itself a new identity and new packaging, reinforcing more than ever the chic, refined minimalism that characterizes it.
  • The must-have? The Witch's Ritual (140€), a cleansing duo that protects and strengthens the skin barrier for balanced, healthy, natural skin. A multi-purpose product.