Published on November 18, 2023

Fashionable eyewear 

By Shana Devleschoudere
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Contemporary eyewear collections created by craftsmen and designers, using noble materials such as cellulose acetate, titanium, gold, silver, buffalo horn and unique know-how, reflect the DNA of these optometrists, popular with the whole of Brussels.
The "Dita" labels, the discreet luxury that reinvents the classics "Anne et Valentin", the unique combination of colors, shapes and materials of "Jacques Mare Mage", the glasses made in limited series of rare elegance "John Dalia", the absolute chic fashioned with Parisian savoir-faire "Matsuda", the perfect combination of vintage and futuristic design "Garrett Leight", Californian hippie chic design or "Delirious Eyewear", Italian "no brand" buffalo horn eyewear, all have that unique touch we call luxury.
All these collections are carefully selected and renewed each season according to the latest trends, while always keeping an eye on the quality and sense of perfection of the craftsmen-creators.
At Winston Optique, expertise and experience are at the service of our eyes. Specialized services - visual examination, contact lens fitting and low vision - rub shoulders.Karim, a specialist in style and trends, makes it a point of honor to recommend the frame that best reflects each personality.