Published on November 29, 2023

Brussels and its squares!

By Shana Devleschoudere
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Charming, modern, historic, friendly: 60 places to stroll in Brussels!

Place to be or not to be? In Brussels, no commune is without its place. Whether beautiful or ordinary, worldly or popular, they all exude fragrance, scents, colors and positive vibes, so much so that it's impossible to live without them. So we set off to rediscover them, delving into their origins, taking an interest in their heritage, mingling with those who frequent them to sniff out the atmosphere - always cosmopolitan in our Brussels region - and to bring back a few necessarily subjective touches, because the heart has its reasons that reason doesn't know.

120 pages - €18

The author

Hervé Gérard is a historian, writer, journalist, radio broadcaster and lecturer.

The illustrator

Art school graduate Quentin Heroguer works on comic projects, illustrates books and gives drawing workshops.


  • (Re)discover 60 places in 16 different communes of Brussels.
  • Superb illustrations.
  • A book for tourists and lovers of the capital alike.