Grand Place, because Brussels is more than Brussels!

Grand Place

Grand Place was born in 2019. The approach is to develop a communication label with the aim of enhancing the image of Brussels and its many talents.

In concrete terms, it is a matter of managing a collective of leaders from all the sectors concerned who wish to highlight the areas of excellence of the Brussels metropolis. All these leaders who get involved become ambassadors for Grand Place.


Grand Place communicates on two levels:

- The first step is to involve the Brussels influencers (authorities, leaders, decision-makers, managers, executives, etc.).

- In addition to the Brussels prescribers, it is important to raise awareness among the Brussels population (citizens, residents, users, consumers, taxpayers, etc.).


The themes addressed by Grand Place concern all the fields in which Brussels excels or strives for excellence. These fields are numerous and varied. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list in alphabetical order:

- Food & Beverage
- Architecture
- Art/Culture
- Beer/Brewery
- Coding
- Construction
- Design
- Environment
- Fairs and exhibitions
- Horeca
- Fashion/Creative
- Parks/Gardens
- Heritage
- Research/Innovation
- Health/Medicine
- Universities/Higher education


Any leader attached to Brussels can become an ambassador for Grand Place. By associating their company, federation or entity with Grand Place, they have the opportunity to promote their social commitment, their Brussels roots and the excellence of their activity. It has the opportunity to carry out an action that is a combination of patronage, sponsorship and partnership.

Under the aegis of Grand Place, for an investment of 9,500 euros + VAT, the operational partner develops its own communication campaign on the subject that is close to its heart.

With Grand Place, it defines the messages to be disseminated and the means to be used during the year 2021.

To develop its campaign, the partner can rely on different means. There are those that High Level Communication makes available directly, those made available by Grand Place's media and event partners and those that the partner intends to develop himself. In short, the means developed by the partner in the context of its campaign are media (articles, tribune, newsletter, etc.) and events (conference, debate, forum, etc.).


- Insertion of its logo in the Grand Place ad distributed by High Level Communication in 2023 (Lobby, Gentlemen & Ladies, etc...)
- 5 appearances of your own (personalized) ad in 2023 in High Level Communication magazines
- 25 supporting copies of each High Level Communication magazine containing the Grand Place ad and its own ad
- Insertion of its logo (with link to its website) on the Grand Place website (
- Promotional presence to be determined on the event in which he/she will be present and speak